Kino am Olympiasee: General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for visitors (m/f/x)

1 Kino am Olympiasee (hereinafter referred to as the “Event”) is an open-air event in Munich’s Olympic Park and is organized by Muenchner Stadtmedien GmbH, Korbinianplatz 17, 80807 Munich (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”). Purchasers (m/f/x) of a ticket for the event and / or participants (m/f/x) in the event (hereinafter “visitors”) agree to these General Terms and Conditions of the organizer.

2. The event takes place in all weathers. If it rains during the event or if the event is canceled due to force majeure, there is no entitlement to a refund of the ticket price. Visitors expressly agree to this procedure and to the organizer’s decision-making authority.

3. The purchase of a ticket entitles visitors to attend the event on the selected event day. If fewer than 10 visitors attend the event on the day of the event, the organizer is responsible for canceling the event without substitution. In this case, affected visitors will receive a refund of the ticket price. Further claims are excluded.

4 The organizer offers various ticket categories. In the “free choice of seat” category, the principle of free choice of seat applies; accordingly, visitors are not entitled to a specific seat.

5. The ticket loses its validity if you leave the venue.

6 At Kino am Olympiasee, the Bavarian beer garden principle applies: you are welcome to bring your own food, but drinks must remain outside. Kino am Olympiasee takes place on the sunbathing lawn of the Olympic swimming hall. It is therefore strictly forbidden to bring bottles and breakable items, especially glass. For this reason, four-legged friends cannot be brought along. It is also forbidden to bring dangerous objects onto the premises. It is a requirement of the fire protection authorities of the City of Munich that personal chairs are not permitted.

7. Beyond its statutory liability, the organizer is not liable for personal injury or damage to property or the loss or theft of objects. The organizer is not entitled to claim damages beyond the legal obligations of the organizer.

8 Admission to the event is subject to reservation. Visitors agree to their bags being checked by the organizer’s staff at the entrance and during the event; this is a requirement of the licensing authorities of the City of Munich. The instructions of the event staff must be followed at all times. The organizer reserves the right to expel visitors who disrupt the course of the event. There is no entitlement to compensation in this case.

9. Photos, sound and film recordings as well as audiovisual recordings will be made during the event. By purchasing a ticket, visitors expressly agree to the unlimited, royalty-free use of this material.

10 The attached Ordinance of the City of Munich on Venues in the Olympic Park is an integral part of these General Terms and Conditions.

11 Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a valid and enforceable provision whose effects come closest to the economic objective pursued by the organizer with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The above provisions shall apply accordingly in the event that these General Terms and Conditions prove to be incomplete. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes is Munich.

Status: April 2023

Appendix: Ordinance of the City of Munich on Places of Assembly in the Olympic Park (Olympic Park Ordinance) dated November 25, 1996

City council resolution: 11/21/1996

Announcement: 10.12.1996 (MüABl. p. 528)

The City of Munich issues the following on the basis of Art. 23 Para. 1 and 38 para. 3 No. 1 of the Act on State Criminal Law and Ordinance Law in the Field of Public Safety and Order (State Criminal Law and Ordinance Act – LStVG) in the version published on December 13, 1982 (BayRS 2011-2-I), last amended by the Act of June 25, 1996 (GVBl. p. 222), the following ordinance:

§ 1 Scope of application

The ordinance applies to the following enclosed venues in the Olympic Park:

Olympic Stadium with its warm-up area and the Werner-von-Linde-Halle, Olympic Hall, Olympic Swimming Hall with its sunbathing lawn, Olympic Ice Sports Center, Olympic Tower, Olympic Cycling Stadium.

§ 2 Stay in the places of assembly

(1) Only persons who carry a valid admission ticket or other authorization card or who can prove their right to stay in another way are permitted to stay as spectators in the venues of the Olympic Park. The admission ticket or authorization card must be presented to the control personnel and the police on request. Only the seat indicated on the admission ticket for the respective event may be taken; § 4 para. 3 remains unaffected by this.

(2) The control and security service is entitled to search persons, including by using technical aids, to determine whether they pose a security risk due to alcohol or drug consumption or because they are carrying weapons or dangerous or flammable objects. The search also extends to any items carried.

(3) Persons who cannot prove that they are authorized to enter and persons who pose a security risk must be turned back and prevented from entering the places of assembly. The same applies to persons who have been banned from entering the Federal Republic of Germany.

§ 3 Conduct in the places of assembly

(1) In the venues of the Olympic Park, every visitor must behave in such a way that no one else is endangered or harmed or – more than is avoidable under the circumstances – hindered or inconvenienced.

(2) In particular, visitors to places of assembly are not permitted to

a) enter areas that are not authorized for visitors;

b) to climb or climb over structures and facilities not intended for general use, in particular facades, fences, walls, parapets, enclosures of the playing areas, lighting systems, television recording platforms, trees, masts of all kinds, roofs or the tent roof structure including the guy ropes and anchors;

c) to sit or stand in the entrances and entrances and exits to the visitor areas or to occupy escape routes;

d) to throw objects onto playing areas or into visitor areas;

e) to carry bulky objects (e.g. ladders, stools, boxes, suitcases);

f) to carry bottles, cups, jugs or cans made of fragile, splintering or particularly hard material;

g) to carry gas spray cans with harmful contents, corrosive or coloring substances or objects that can be used as cutting, thrusting or stabbing weapons or projectiles, as well as flag or banner poles that are longer than 1 m or have a diameter of more than 3 cm;

h) to carry animals;

i) to enter flower and shrub plantings;

k) to make fire;

l) carrying, burning or launching fireworks, pyrotechnic objects or flares;

m) to label, paint or stick anything on buildings, other facilities or paths;

n) to relieve themselves outside the toilets or to litter the places of assembly in any other way, in particular by throwing things away;

o) to carry alcoholic beverages of any kind;

p) to sell goods and admission tickets, distribute printed matter and conduct collections without the permission of the operator of the venue.

§ 4 Orders for individual cases

(1) The City of Munich may, for the purpose of enforcing § 3 para. 2 letter k) to prevent danger to life, health, property or possessions caused by fire.

(2) Visitors must comply with the instructions of the police, the fire department, the control, security and rescue services and the stadium announcer.

(3) In order to avert danger for security or technical reasons, visitors are obliged to take seats other than those indicated on their admission ticket – even in other blocks – if instructed to do so by the police or the control and security service.

§ 5 Infringements

(1) According to Art. 23 para. 3 LStVG, a fine may be imposed on anyone who intentionally

1. is a spectator contrary to § 2 para. 1 sentence 1 without proof of authorization to stay in the venues of the Olympic Park,

2. as a spectator contrary to § 2 para. 1 sentence 3 takes a seat at an event other than the one indicated on the admission ticket,

3. who, contrary to § 3, endangers or harms others through their behavior in the venues of the Olympiapark, in particular those who violate § 3 para. 2 (a) to (i) and (l) to (p) concerning conduct in places of assembly.

(2) According to Art. 38 para. 4 LStVG, a fine may be imposed on anyone who intentionally or negligently

1. contrary to § 3 para. 2 letter k) in the assembly areas of the Olympic Park,

2. fails to comply with enforceable orders in accordance with § 4.

(3) In addition, persons who violate the provisions of this ordinance may be expelled from the respective place of assembly without compensation and banned from entering. Retained annual or season tickets must be returned to the exhibitor.

(4) Other provisions on fines, in particular on the use of pyrotechnic objects or the relevant provisions of the Weapons Act, which prohibit the carrying of firearms, cutting or stabbing weapons at public events, remain unaffected.

§ 6 Entry into force

(1) This Ordinance shall enter into force on the day following its publication.

(2) At the same time, the Ordinance of the City of Munich on Places of Assembly in the Olympic Park (Olympic Park Ordinance) dated December 21, 1976 (MüABl. p. 261) shall expire.